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    Turnkey construction of a sawmill

    The single line sawmill on the basis of chipper-canter circular profiling line Megaline 3PKA produced by SAB. In the sawmill building there is SAB palletizer for center boards, BSA-N50-GOST boards grade line, administrative and auxiliary integrated premises. Facility: Velskiy Woodworking Plant LLC Year: 2013-2014

    Project description

    Sawmill structure:

    - SАВ lumber grading line;

    - SАВ chipper-canter sawing line

    and green lumber grading line;

    - Chips, sawdust and bark bins;

    - Fire pump station with reservoirs;

    - Utility networks;

    - Transformer substations.

    SPbEC company completed the following construction and installation works at the site:

    • Piling

    • Monolithic concrete foundations laid

    • Installation of metal structures

    • Installation of glued wood joints

    • Installation of roof and wall sandwich panels

    • Filling of openings (windows, doors, gates)

    • Installation of heating and ventilation systems

    • Installation of electrical equipment

    • Utility networks laying

    • Construction of boiler houses and pumping stations

    • landscaping

    Technical and economic performance:

    • Production capacity of raw material sawing sawmill is 320,000 m3 per year with a 2-shift system.

    • The number of employees is 95.

    • The total land area in the conventional borders is 11.7709 ha.

    • Built-up area is 0.8517 ha.

    • The utilization of territory is 66,20%.

    • Lawn area is 3.9791 ha.

    • Green coverage ratio is 33.80%.

    • Maximum heat consumption is 0.98 Gcal/h

    • Water consumption: of drinking and utility water supply is 15.58 m3/day; 8.96 m3/h.

    Manager: Vladimir Khabarov

    Turnkey construction of a sawmill
    Turnkey construction of a sawmill Turnkey construction of a sawmill Turnkey construction of a sawmill Turnkey construction of a sawmill