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    Installation of pipe deovalization UDC 200

    A new deovalizator (a device for adjusting the oval pipe ends) was installed at Izhora Pipe Mill.

    Facility: Severstal OJSC, Izhora Pipe Mill

    Project implementation results

    Project description

    This is a unique automated high power press designed to fix roundness of the ends of the longitudinal welded pipes of large diameters ranging from 610 mm to 1420 mm, wall thickness from 7 mm to 48 mm and strength grade X52, H56, X60, X65, X70, X80 according to API Specification 5L. It is one of a kind equipment so far. The press was developed for the first time jointly by engineers of SPA SPbEC LLC and designers of Special Design Bureau of Heavy Unique Machines.

    The press is 5-axis with a variety of sensors from inductive limit switches to absolute position magnetic scale and laser distance meter. The drive is full hydraulic due to the need for greater force. The maximum bending stress on wire-rope clips reaches 100 tf. 

    The equipment is designed for use at the production line in automatic mode. Fixing roundness and one end “housing” takes less than 2 minutes. 

    Manager: Aleksey Babushkin

    Installation of pipe deovalization UDC 200