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    Hardware-software complex of “Plavka” APCS (HSC of “Plavka” APCS) for Cherepovets Steel Mill

    Facility: Severstal OJSC, Cherepovets − Cherepovets Steel Mill. Steel industry. Electrical steel melting workshop.

    Project implementation results

    Project description

    HSC of “Plavka” APCS is designed to automatize melting process in three 450-ton converters in order to optimize the melting process, reduce costs and improve technical and economic performance of steelmaking process.

    The developed and put into operation HSC of “Plavka” APCS:

    - automatically controls the converter melting process from lancing to oxygen cutoff, including all melt sampling operations,

    - controls solids supply line, lance position, lancing rate per working lance, measuring lance movement,

    - creates, delivers and executes commands for measurement of carbon concentration in the melt and its temperature when the set value is achieved,

    - creates, delivers and executes the afterblow command to reach the set complete fusion melting point.

    - performs visualization and archivation of melting parameters.

    HSC of “Plavka” APCS:

    - is based on the synthesis of process, balance, dynamic and statistical models. The number of process models herewith may exceed ten. It has a process models constructor that quickly responds to newly developed special steels with unique requirements included into nomenclature.

    - is a flexible system that allows the operator - melt engineer to adjust parameters in the course of the melting process and to return a part of solids according to the obtained visual and acoustic information about the melting process without exiting from the automatic mode.

    - was designed according to the principle of specification of the parameters of the input data, reduction of their uncertainty during the melting process.


    HSC of “Plavka” APCS has reduced:

    - Melting time,

    - Solids consumption,

    - Iron spillage,

    - Utility consumption,

    - Semiproduct production cost.

    HSC of “Plavka” APCS has increased the accuracy of achieved melting technological parameters.

    Manager: Aleksey Babushkin

    Hardware-software complex of “Plavka” APCS (HSC of “Plavka” APCS) for Cherepovets Steel Mill