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    • RusHydro PJSC Chirkeiskaya HPP

      Development of project and detailed design documentation on the creation of instrumentation at landslide masses Nos. 16 and 16a at Chirkeyskaya HPP.

    • Magadanenergo PJSC Magadanenergosbyt

      Development of the design and estimate documentation for modernization of the energy metering documents at substations of Magadanenergo PJSC (AIMS CMP) with installation of satellite communication channels and integration into high-level PV in the ЗЭС branch for Magadanenergosbyt, branch of Magadanenergo PJSC.

    • Ilim Group JSC, Koryazhma

      Modernization of the PCS for paper making machine No. 2 SPD. Supply of equipment, development of the detailed design documentation, electrical assembly works, commissioning.

    • Ilim Group JSC, Bratsk

       Reconstruction of unwinder of the slitter in cardboard-making machine of the project “Reconstruction of the cardboard flow”. Supply of equipment, design works, electrical assembly works, commissioning, integrated setup.

    • Vozdushnie Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy LLC

      Project operations on in-depth development of process diagram on cleaning runoffs and substantiation of every cleaning step for modernization of runoffs treatment facilities No. 1 and water-treatment facilities No. 3 (“Modernization of ISPS No. 1 and OS No. 3”).

    • Philip Morris Izhora JSC

      Supply, installation, testing and adjustment of the liquid analysis system for 5 sampling points (PKM-141-1) and Liquid analysis systems for 3 sampling points (PKM-141-2).

    • 2019


      Operations on the “recovery of communication in the AIMS EETM system with the РП-6 substation”, operations on erection of additional air flow meter.

    • Severstal PJSC PPP. Rolling mill No. 2 Gedaeffect (LLC) for Gedaeffect (LLC)

      Execution of package of works on the creation and commissioning of construction project: “PPP. Rolling mill No. 2. Automated electric drive of the finishing train. Stage No. 1. Stand No. 9”.

    • Severstal PJSC for SM Engineering Gmbh

      Development of the software with regard to “Inspection line management system for four-stand cold rolling mill”.

    • Severstal PJSC. Hot rolling mill 2000 for Severstal-Proekt (LLC)

      Performance of works on the adjustment of cells within ”Severstal. Hot rolling mill 2000. New pumping station No. 2” project in Cherepovets, Russia.

    • Severstal PJSC PPP. Rolling mill No. 2 for Severstal-Proekt (LLC)

      Designer’s supervision of object construction: “PPP. Rolling mill No. 2. Modernization of main drive gears of stands Nos. 11-12 in finishing train (Electrical design)”. Designer’s supervision of object construction: “PPP. Rolling mill No. 2. Modernization of laminar unit”.

    • Severstal PJSC. CPEO. TPP-EVC-2 for Severstal-Proekt (LLC)

      Detailed design documentation development for Severstal PJSC facility. “CPEO. TPP-EVC-2. Power supply of 10 kV HP economizer No. 4 cells”.

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