• About us

    1. People

    True professionals and brilliant leaders constitute our main value. We create an environment for professional development and career growth, we respect and honor achievements. 
    Our aim is to be an effective like-minded community! 

    2. Innovations

    From high tribunes they talk much about innovations, we try without many words to create and work, to seek and implement, as well as demonstrate an unusual approach and the triumph of thought.

    SPBEC has an experience in creating hundreds of complex technical solutions, as well as implementing projects and each one is unique in its kind. And the possibility of replicating the Kulibins’ ideas we have collected from all over the Union, is equivalent to hundreds of billions of rubles of domestic investment. 

    We are at the service of the State!

    3. Moving forward

    Permanent movement is the law of success on the market. One should be capable to absorb that is new, think promptly and widely, get adapted, activate internal resources when necessary, look forward and keep moving toward the goal. Without one of these steps the effectiveness of activity in such intellectual sphere as ours is brought into question. 
    Every day we throw down challenges and check how reliable circumstances or we are. 
    Together we can move mountains and conquer significant peaks!

    4. Natural environment 

    We do not remain indifferent to what happens around. We promote respectful use of workplace and nature, we are for use of eco-technologies in our everyday life and support initiatives in this area. 
    We respect the others who work to create our comfort!

    5. Culture of interaction

    The industry within which the company operates dictates conditions for building relationships based on “cross training” principle between the company, its clients and partners. Our aim is to maintain and improve quantitatively and qualitatively these relationships. And relationships with customer begin with relationships with colleagues. Honesty, willingness to engage in a dialog, open-mindedness, mutual assistance – these are key components of healthy cooperation. 
    Corporate solidarity and common understanding of the aim are of major significance for us! 

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