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    SPBEC focuses on industrial automation, energy-saving technologies, and heat engineering from project development and system solutions implementation to maintenance services in various fields of industry. For the recent years the company successfully implements complex projects in the sphere of industrial and civil engineering, as well as in the sphere of ship building.

    The company has a modern technology base and qualified human resources. SPBEC resources and experience make it possible to solve the most difficult engineering and organizational problems, as well as commission high-quality projects on time.

    Highly professional groups of specialists work in the company in following areas:

    1. Design and implementation of technical solutions in the sphere of:

    2. Industrial and civil construction of buildings and facilities:

    3. Own-production-based manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment (power distribution panels, drive cabinets, excitation systems, control panels, automation equipment and PLC cabinets)

    4. Supply and installation of process equipment by leading manufacturers

    5. Service maintenance, modernization, technical support

    We have been successfully working in the following industries

    • Metallurgy
    • Mining
    • Energy
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Oil & Gas & Chemicals
    • Cement&Glass
    • Construction
    • Machinery
    • Ship building
    • Food processing
    • Public utilities
    • Other

    Ship Building

    The company has performed the following research and development works

    1) “Development of technology of safe loading and unloading of liquefied natural gas, creation of compressor complex for loading works safety system at sea terminals in arctic conditions” (“Complex-A” code) as a part of Federal Special Purpose Program: “Development of civil marine facilities” for 2009-2016.

    Designed by SPBEC specialists and created as prototype model, automated nitrogen compressor complex (ANCC) is intended for implementation at sea terminals, berths, tankers and liquefied gas carriers as equipment for reception and supply of nitrogen or other inert gases to process lines to ensure their safety. ANCC includes: - screw air compressor with electric drive; - control system; - pressure, sensors of nitrogen flow and purity; - receiver for condensed air.

    2) “Development of technologies for creation of sea valve turbine electric generators with capacity up to 10 MW”

    Valve turbine generator is intended for operation as a part of gas turbine generator aggregates at variable purpose vessels, and at other sea and coastal facilities (recovery, refining and transportation complexes for oil and gas resources, etc.), as well as electric drive of compressors at mining vessels, coastal transloading terminals and liquefied natural gas plants.

    Other industries


    R&D work “Development of technologies for creation of sea valve turbine electric generators with capacity up to 10 MW”

    Customer: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Special Purpose Program “Development of civil marine facilities” for 2009-2016. Year: 2013-2014

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