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    SPBEC focuses on industrial automation, energy-saving technologies, and heat engineering from project development and system solutions implementation to maintenance services in various fields of industry. For the recent years the company successfully implements complex projects in the sphere of industrial and civil engineering, as well as in the sphere of ship building.

    The company has a modern technology base and qualified human resources. SPBEC resources and experience make it possible to solve the most difficult engineering and organizational problems, as well as commission high-quality projects on time.

    Highly professional groups of specialists work in the company in following areas:

    1. Design and implementation of technical solutions in the sphere of:

    2. Industrial and civil construction of buildings and facilities:

    3. Own-production-based manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment (power distribution panels, drive cabinets, excitation systems, control panels, automation equipment and PLC cabinets)

    4. Supply and installation of process equipment by leading manufacturers

    5. Service maintenance, modernization, technical support

    We have been successfully working in the following industries

    • Metallurgy
    • Mining
    • Energy
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Oil & Gas & Chemicals
    • Cement&Glass
    • Construction
    • Machinery
    • Ship building
    • Food processing
    • Public utilities
    • Other


    Our company has many years of experience in reconstruction and building new metallurgical production facilities, taking part in almost every processing steps: from raw materials preparation, cast-iron production, and steel making to rolling production. 

    At sinter production plant the company has installed APCS of material transportation lines, continuous conveyor weighing of materials, electric drives and conveyors automation control, instruments and controls of hoppers, gate valves and other mechanisms. 

    The company has sheer experience of creating complex solutions for automation of blast furnace production (6 furnaces have been renovated on turn-key basis), starting from feed supply line (APCS of conveyors, screening machines, weighing hoppers) to upper loading control (skip hoists, revolving charge distributors, probes) and old type and Kalugin air heating systems. All programs and displays, totally manufactured by specialists of our company, have been installed and operate successfully. 

    In steel making (converter) production our company also has sheer experience of renovation of different mechanisms operating in extreme conditions: 

    • drives of mixers in cast iron pouring section;

    • drives of cast iron, steel and slag transfer cars;

    • charging cranes with loading capacity 500/100 t;

    • drives of converters (450 t);

    • drives of oxygen lances;

    • system of high voltage smooth start of oxygen compressors, including excitation system of synchronous motors 20 MW;

    • mechanisms of vertical feed supply line (conveyor, vibrating feeders, weighing hoppers, furnaces, etc.);

    • APCS of pump stations;

    • Modernization (retrofit) of complete switch-gears 6-10 kV and supply of complete transformer substations with switch-gear 0.4 kV.

    For converter production of Severstal OJSC specialists of our company have performed complex project Plavka APCS. 

    For rolling production the company has performed many projects of rolling mills (main drives of roughing and finishing stands of mill 2000 and reverse stand of plate mill 5000, drives of coiling machines and rolling conveyors) and different auxiliary mechanisms: 

    • cross cutting machines;

    • flying shears;

    • doubled side shears;

    • heating furnaces,

    • and systems:

    • of interstand cooling with high pressure pumping;

    • of automatic accounting and weighing of metal;

    • of excitation of synchronous machines;

    • of power supply – complete transformer substation 0.4 kV.

    Key facts:

    1.       More than 400 projects in metallurgy

    2.       Renovation of 6 furnaces on turn-key basis

    3.       In-house patented developments

    4.       Renovation of rolling mills 5000 and 2000

    Other industries


    Hardware-software complex of “Plavka” APCS (HSC of “Plavka” APCS) for Cherepovets Steel Mill

    Facility: Severstal OJSC, Cherepovets − Cherepovets Steel Mill. Steel industry. Electrical steel melting workshop.

    Installation of pipe deovalization UDC 200

    A new deovalizator (a device for adjusting the oval pipe ends) was installed at Izhora Pipe Mill. Facility: Severstal OJSC, Izhora Pipe Mill

    Automated control of production process of Blast furnace #2 at ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC

    Automation and power supply of blast furnace in cooperation with PAUL WURTH Facility: ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC

    APCS of dosage and chain of continuous handling system (CHS) of charge sequencing in workshop No. 7 OJSC CHEMK

    Change of cabinet-type electrical equipment of thyristor converters of rolls drive of 1-4th stands Multistand Pipe Mill (MPM)

    Facility: Volzhsky pipe factory OJSC Year: 2013

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