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    SPBEC focuses on industrial automation, energy-saving technologies, and heat engineering from project development and system solutions implementation to maintenance services in various fields of industry. For the recent years the company successfully implements complex projects in the sphere of industrial and civil engineering, as well as in the sphere of ship building.

    The company has a modern technology base and qualified human resources. SPBEC resources and experience make it possible to solve the most difficult engineering and organizational problems, as well as commission high-quality projects on time.

    Highly professional groups of specialists work in the company in following areas:

    1. Design and implementation of technical solutions in the sphere of:

    2. Industrial and civil construction of buildings and facilities:

    3. Own-production-based manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment (power distribution panels, drive cabinets, excitation systems, control panels, automation equipment and PLC cabinets)

    4. Supply and installation of process equipment by leading manufacturers

    5. Service maintenance, modernization, technical support

    We have been successfully working in the following industries

    • Metallurgy
    • Mining
    • Energy
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Oil & Gas & Chemicals
    • Cement&Glass
    • Construction
    • Machinery
    • Ship building
    • Food processing
    • Public utilities
    • Other


    Complex solutions for electrical supply and automation of technological processes in the new construction, reconstruction and modernization of energy complex enterprises.


    • Reconstruction and modernization of the enterprises in the energy complex

    - Improving the power supply reliability systems of the object

    • Automation

    - Automated process control and dispatch systems

    - Automated utility metering systems

    • Plant power supply systems

    -  Plant own power output systems

    -  220-110-35-10-6-0.4 kV complete power conversion and distribution units

    - Low-voltage (0.4,0.63 kV) and high-voltage (6,10kV) automated drive systems based on state-of-the-art frequency converters and soft starters

    -Synchronous motor and generator excitation Systems

    SPBEC works actively on solutions in the field of resource saving, upgrading and modernization of power industry facilities as well as housing and utilities sector facilities. 

    The company offers its customers complex

    turnkey solutions that include following stages:

    1. On-site inspection

    2. Development of technical assignment and project feasibility study

    3. Detailed designing

    4. Complete detailed engineering

    5. Manufacturing and supply of equipment

    6. Construction and installation works, supervision

    7. Commissioning works and operation start-up

    8. Personnel training

    9. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

    10. Continuous technical support and consulting

    The ways of energy saving in the main and auxiliary productions of industrial enterprises and in housing and utilities sector as well are connected with modernization of main processes, wide application of energy saving equipment (soft starters, variable frequency drives, smart lighting systems etc.) and development of

    rational power resources consumption modes. In our systems we use instrumentation by leading

    Russian and western vendors as well as owndeveloped hardware and software. At that, our systems allow to meter not only power, but also any other types of utilities.

    Reconstruction and modernization of power industry enterprises:

    - Modernization of cooling towers with increase of economic efficiency and general operation reliability;

    - Complex reconstruction of HPP dewatering systems with replacement of pump equipment and shut-off valves and implementation of automatic control system for dewatering, with integration into station ACS;

    - Reconstruction of process water supply systems with complete replacement of equipment, implementation of automatic control system for generating plant units and nodes cooling, with integration into station ACS;

    - Reconstruction of process air supply systems for power sector facilities;

    - Detailed designing, installation of fire systems, including fire alarm, fire extinguishing, smoke


    The company has own warehouse and developed logistic connections that allow to provide justin-

    time (JIT) shipment deliveries without any limitations on shipment volumes to any sites including extremely remote areas like Norilsk industrial district, power facilities of Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Yakutiya and other hardly accessible areas.

    SPBEC specialists are experienced in implementation of complex engineering solutions and have all necessary skills for preparation, organization and execution of construction and installation works in Extreme North and hardly accessible areas at limited work time in terms of polar summer.

    We have own qualified specialists and partner connections as well, that allow to perform complete set of construction and installation works, including those that are not of our main activity.

    Development of own-generating power:

    • Utilization of renewable power sources:

    - wind, water, sun (light) and geothermal power; Utilization of synthetic biofuels:

    - biogas, liquid synthetic biofuels (biodiesel, biogasoline), biochar, wood pellets and briquettes;

    Utilization of temperature drop between the layers of water or hard rock (heat pumps).

    • Utilization of less deficient types of nonrenewable fuel with application of stateof-the-art energy-saving technologies:

    - pit coals: increase of power efficiency of brown and black coals of poor quality by their enrichment and heat treatment, use of coal-water mixtures (emulsions) for combustion;

    - heavy fuel: oil refining bottom fractions -combustion as water emulsions;

    - liquid synthetic fuel based on coal or combustible shales;

    -associated petroleum gas or gas condensate etc.

    • Utilization of state-of-the-art high-efficient heat and power generating plants of various power rate and design (gas-turbine and gaspiston plants, cogenerating systems etc.).

    Increase of reliability and efficiency of existing power sector:

    1. Solutions on rational power consumption (soft starters, variable frequency drives, smart lighting systems, reactive power compensation etc.).

    2. Usage of heat recovery systems for off-gas and cooling liquids e.g. based on materials boiling at lower temperatures.

    3. Increase of averaged real efficiency factor of heat engines during operation by providing rated operation modes or modes close to them.

    4. Reduction of power consumption by reducing heat, hydraulic and aerodynamic loss in main pipelines.

    5. Reduction of demand in power systems’ operation as the result of reduction of pumped mediums’ flow rate.

    6. Usage of high-efficient equipment for heating industrial and housing rooms that allows to control power generation or heat power transmission individually depending on customer’s requirements (heating from

    infrared radiators (gas radiant heating), modular boiler houses, automatically controlled heating stations etc.).

    7. Usage of local climate control system based on modular vortex tubes that operate using compressed air and allow to vary air temperature from -120 С° to +120 С° for cooling or heating electronic and/or electric

    cabinets, individual workplaces, working tools, as well as mediums, materials and parts in various fields of industry.

    Complete power conversion and distribution units

    The following complete power conversion and distribution units of 220-110-35-10-6-0.4kV are designed and manufactured by SPBEC:

    - Complete modular container-type transformer substations;

    - Control and power distribution cabinets;

    - Complete switchgears, unilateral maintenance switchgears;

    -Relay protection;

    - Diagnostic equipment.

    SPBEC manufactures own-production-based electrotechnical equipment (power distribution boards, drive cabinets, excitation systems, control panels, automation and PLC cabinets etc.).

    Other industries


    Construction of electrical substation on 150 kV to Kirovsk for JSC Apatit

    JSC Apatit 2016

    Construction of substation of 110/10 kV for JSC Zapsibneftekhim (SIBUR Holding) in Tobolsk


    Reconstruction of the heating and hot water supply systems and construction of modular electric boiler of OJSC APATIT in Koashva

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