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    SPBEC focuses on industrial automation, energy-saving technologies, and heat engineering from project development and system solutions implementation to maintenance services in various fields of industry. For the recent years the company successfully implements complex projects in the sphere of industrial and civil engineering, as well as in the sphere of ship building.

    The company has a modern technology base and qualified human resources. SPBEC resources and experience make it possible to solve the most difficult engineering and organizational problems, as well as commission high-quality projects on time.

    Highly professional groups of specialists work in the company in following areas:

    1. Design and implementation of technical solutions in the sphere of:

    2. Industrial and civil construction of buildings and facilities:

    3. Own-production-based manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment (power distribution panels, drive cabinets, excitation systems, control panels, automation equipment and PLC cabinets)

    4. Supply and installation of process equipment by leading manufacturers

    5. Service maintenance, modernization, technical support

    We have been successfully working in the following industries

    • Metallurgy
    • Mining
    • Energy
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Oil & Gas & Chemicals
    • Cement&Glass
    • Construction
    • Machinery
    • Ship building
    • Food processing
    • Public utilities
    • Other


    Construction is one of higher priority development directions of our company; it allows to implement accumulated experience and potential of SPbEC.

    Construction department provides the following set of services:

    • Design and survey works

    • Master contract and construction

    • Technical customer’s function performance

    • Predevelopment and commissioning

    • Guarantee and service maintenance of facilities

    Design and survey works:

    This type of services means complex of works for engineering survey, development of feasibility study for construction, preparation of project and operating documentation, compilation of estimate documentation for construction (new construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical upgrading) of facilities, buildings, structures. Survey works is a set of technical and economical surveys at construction area.

    Design and survey works include:

    • Pre-design investigation of facilities

    • Engineering surveys

    • Development of all sections of design and work documentation

    • Project approval and expertise

    • Arrangement of bidding processes for contracting

    General contracting:

    General contracting means imposition of risks concerning design, fulfillment of terms and costs of all turn-key works at facility on general contractor. This scheme is attractive for the investor, as it presumes direct contact with one company, that ensures solution of all issues arising inevitably during design, construction, installation and commissioning works within the project. Thus, general contracting allows to reduce significantly costs of the investor.

    General contracting includes:

    • Purchase, delivery and storage of construction materials

    • Provision with construction machinery, electric power and communication

    • Arrangement of cooperation at construction site

    • Construction and installation works

    • Supervision of observance of standards, budget and terms

    • Conduction of acceptance committee

    Functions of engineering company:

    • Decisions approval with authorities

    • Obtaining of technical specifications for connection to utilities

    • Settling of relations with neighbors

    • Obtaining of work documentation

    • Preparation for construction

    Engineering supervision

    We use modern technologies of design and construction.

    • SPbEC is a company that executes projects on turn-key basis, starting from the idea to its final implementation and service.

    • Projects management is performed using MS Project CRM programs, integrated in one network between offices of the company.

    • Design works are performed using up-to-date means for design and creation of 3D models of facilities, such as: StruCAD, Autodesk, Inventor 11, AutoCAD, AdvanceSteel for calculation  SCAD, AnSYS.

    • Construction and installation works are performed by highly qualified professionals with use of hi-tech equipment.

    In addition, we ensure comprehensive supply chain of our own and side construction projects: 

    • Supply of ferrous metals according to available grades;

    • Supply of Russian (MMK, NLMK), as well as foreign (CORUS) rolled metal products;

    • Supply of process equipment in case of construction of industrial facilities;

    • Assembly and supply of windows, doors, stained glass, and ventilated facades sets;

    • Furnishing of construction facilities with consumables, raw materials, equipment, construction camps on turn-key basis, etc.;

    • Assembly and supply of roofing systems to construction facility;

    • Procurement of finishing materials, blasting equipment for paint removal from metal structures;

    • Furnishing of construction materials with load lifting and special-purpose machines (cranes, loaders, special-purpose machinery, fork lifts, etc.)

    Other industries


    Turnkey construction of a sawmill

    The single line sawmill on the basis of chipper-canter circular profiling line Megaline 3PKA produced by SAB. In the sawmill building there is SAB palletizer for center boards, BSA-N50-GOST boards grade line, administrative and auxiliary integrated premises. Facility: Velskiy Woodworking Plant LLC Year: 2013-2014

    Redesigning of pharmaceutical plant "Novartis Neva"

    Object: JSC Novartis Neva plant Year: 2015

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