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    Designed equipment is fabricated, developed, and prepared to be delivered to a customer in the form of protected electrical cubicles with all necessary elements at production site of the company. These elements include control and power circuits, as well as safety system. 

    The list of electrotechnical and power equipment produced by SPBEC, which is covered by NP-043-11, as well as subject to NP-001-15, is not higher than Class 3 security, including:

    1. Integrated devices for the distribution of electrical energy:

    - switchgear (RU);

    - self-contained switchgear (RUSN);

    - main distribution board (MDF).

    2. Complex power and lighting devices:

    - lighting shield (SHCHO);

    - shield of own needs (SHCHSN);

    - a board of a direct current (ЩПТ);

    - distributive cabinet (SHR).

    3. Complex control devices:

    - cabinet of relay protection and automation (SHRZA);

    - control panel series (PU);

    - control cabinet of the electric drive (ШУ);

    - shield of control stations (SCHU);

    - cabinets for automation, telemechanization and process control (SHUiA).

    4. Low-voltage accessories.

    5. Safety devices of load-lifting machines (GPM).

    Availability of production facilities, as well as use of self-design products in projects significantly reduce the total value of systems, and decrease time for their production and implementation.   

    Our company has undergone certification audit in accordance with requirements set out in international standard ISO 9001:2015. SPBEC has been issued certificate no. 12 100 40977 TMS, which is globally valid. The company has been included in the unified state register of organizations which have certified quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015.

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