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    Changing our problem solution approaches we also change for the better, as well as change clients and partners’ image on our joint possibilities

    We always keep up with the changing situation on modern technology markets in order to implement our systems using the latest scientific and technological advances. The company possesses unique technological solutions in the sphere of ore mining and metallurgy, as well as a number of patents correspondingly.

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    1. Thermochemical tretment methods (ТСТ) leads to a surface-hardened product, which, in turn, allows to increase the life of wearing parts up to 6-10 times.
      Thermochemical tretment methods (ТСТ)

    2. Modernization of asynchronous motors by "optimizing the magnetic field" due to the combination of star-delta windings (when repairing burnt electric motors or in the production of new ones) allows improving performance while reducing energy consumption to 10-15%.
      Modernization of asynchronous motors

    3. Absorption bromistolithium refrigerating machines (ABChM) are designed for cooling water and other liquid media to temperatures from plus 4 to plus 15 ° C. АБХМ are applied in systems of the central conditioning of large objects of civil and industrial purpose, systems of cooling of the process equipment and processed production in various industries. The distinctive features of ABCM include fire and explosion safety, lack of vibration sources and low noise level, high reliability, ease of maintenance.
      Absorption bromistolithium refrigerating machines (ABChM)

    4. Use of power ultrasound in various industries for ultrasonic cleaning of parts and equipment components, filters, tape, wire, pipes, regeneration of ceramic filter elements and ion exchange resins, intensification of mass-transfer processes, etc.
      Use of power ultrasound in various industries

    5. The technology of direct liquefaction of coal, resulting in the production of a synthetic hydrocarbon mixture - an oil analog, by treating a two-phase water-coal medium in a cavitation field created by pulsed high-voltage discharges.
      The technology of direct liquefaction of coal

    6. Production of organic and (or) organomineral fertilizers based on chicken manure. The proposed technology makes it possible to obtain granulated (pelletized) organic fertilizers from chicken manure of varying humidity.
      Production of organic and (or) organomineral fertilizers

    7. Antimicrobial treatment by the flow of accelerated food electrones through the packaging leads to a reduction in the risk of further bacterial contamination, respectively, increases shelf life and storage. The most important aspect is the complete absence of residual radiation.

      Antimicrobial treatment by the flow of accelerated food electrones

    8. Development of chemical engineering process in the field of recycling of various raw materials including technogenic wastes, with extraction of rare and rare-earth elements.
      Technology of rare and rare-earth elements extraction

    9. The compounds are used for repair and further protections of constructions; (parts) made of concrete, stone, bricks; protection of equipment and constructions from chemical impacts; plugging leaks of pools, tanks and pipes, waterproofing, Installation and repair of floors with intensive load; repair and protection of units exposed to abrasive impact (screws, shafts, pumps and centrifugal machines).

    SPbEC holds the following patents

    - band hot rolling method;

    - technology of electrical resistance determination with regard to electric arc furnace operating space zones

    - management system of electrical energy consumption by industrial enterprises and production;

    - thermal power station water supply system etc.

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