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    Changing our problem solution approaches we also change for the better, as well as change clients and partners’ image on our joint possibilities
      The existence of the problem or technical task concerned by the interested production site, the need to create a new business.
    Search for the optimal solution and implementation, integration into technology lines, equipment modernization, automation systems, general contracting, installation supervision, adjustment.
    Partner, company with a suitable innovative solution and corresponding experience.

    We always keep up with the changing situation on modern technology markets in order to implement our systems using the latest scientific and technological advances. The company possesses unique technological solutions in the sphere of ore mining and metallurgy, as well as a number of patents correspondingly.

    SPbEC holds the following patents

    - band hot rolling method;

    - technology of electrical resistance determination with regard to electric arc furnace operating space zones

    - management system of electrical energy consumption by industrial enterprises and production;

    - thermal power station water supply system etc.

    Feel free to contact for further details –info@energy.spb.ru

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