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  • SPBEC sponsors evening with director A.Sokurov

    On March 28, the recently renovated BIP fortress in Pavlovsk hosted an Evening with Alexander Sokurov, an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Russian Ark” movie directed by A.Sokurov. Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Company sponsored the event. The director opened the Evening with a speech dedicated to the movie, and SPBEC CEO Alexander G. Naroditsky said a few words about the company and the art. After that, the movie in question was shown. When released in 2002, the “Russian Ark” impressed the pubic and critics a lot, as it was the world’s first full-length feature shot in a single sequence without stopping the camera, no montage applied. Filming began and ended on December 23, 2001. The “Russian Ark” was unanimously recognized in the professional filmmaking circles as a unique cinematographic experiment and awarded the Nika Festival award, the Toronto International Film Festival award, the Argentine Film Critics Association award, and others. The grand concept of the film and the professionalism of its makers are the reasons why the film is going to be spoken of over and over again.

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