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    We are looking for professionals from all over the former USSR and finding them at factories, federal nuclear centres, universities. We have discovered an almost inexhaustible source of knowledge, ideas and inventions for our industry. This source is the “wise heads” we find throughout the former USSR – specialists of the highest level who have long worked in the industry. They are the authors of many effective novelty solutions, some of which are well in line with the progress of the state-of-the-art global engineering. As a rule, those people are retired scientists, and they are always ardently supporting us in our striving to build a powerful transnational engineering business in Russia. They are always ready to give us advice and recommendations and share their ideas and views. We are looking for such wise heads everywhere: not only in the metal industry, but also in the domains of petrochemistry, mining, or power industry. This way we are finding inventors, people who become our representatives in different Russian cities, bright and interesting people to complement our team. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather doing the opposite, the simplest: we aim at replicating solutions that have already proved economically and technologically efficient. We are offering those solutions to other enterprises of the former USSR and other countries after making sure the inventors patent their designs where necessary.

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