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    Aleksandrs Narodickis 
    Founder and CEO of the company

    What distinguishes SPBEC from other companies?

    We rely on competent, energetic and self-motivated professionals. By collecting and motivating the best talent from across the country, we are able to carry out projects of any complexity for any industry. And by encouraging and supporting the freedom of creativity and thirst for new knowledge, we get not just an intelligent solution to management or engineering problems, but also a powerful team of like-minded professionals who are able to carry out the most challenging projects. We really love what we do together and do what we love.

    What goals has the company set for itself?

    One of our main goals is to keep the momentum of our development going, to be the heart of the market and to react instantly to any market change. To that end, we should maintain and develop close relationships with our partners and customers.

    The industry itself, in which the company operates, dictates that relationships with customers or partners should be build on the basis of “mutual learning”. Our goal is to preserve and increase the quality and quantity of these ties.

    How does SPBEC improve the performance of its customers – large industrial enterprises?

    Using the experience of leading Russian and foreign companies, we work actively to solve problems in the area of resource conservation and improvement and modernization of industrial power facilities.  Due to organizing academic seminars and conferences on the subject, the company has become the unofficial center for the accumulation of knowledge and a place where leading experts from the factories or technical universities of the former Soviet Union can share their experiences. Since 1995, the company has accumulated an extensive list of completed projects – an invaluable knowledge base for future work. We are aware and take account of not only the interests of managers of factories, but also of those of onsite operators, thus making the systems flexible, efficient and optimized to operate.

    How do you see the future of the company?

    In the future, we are going to be a multinational company that works actively not only in Russia but also in developing countries both as a contractor for our Western companies and on its own. Corporate team spirit and a common understanding of the desired goal are of paramount importance to us.

    Aleksandrs Narodickis

    Founder and CEO of the company


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