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    Published: 18 Jun 2018

    June 16-17, a brave, positive, active youth of the company SPBEC went on a trip to spend a sporting day at the country club "Dacha".

    From the very beginning, the collective of SPBEC was waiting for sports training and a quest dedicated to the World Cup 2018. Coaches and mentors from "FTStudio" helped to organize active games. After that, the children listened to a lecture on healthy nutrition and even made up the right menu for the SPBEC sports employee. The day showed that sport really unites and reveals the potential of employees, usually hidden behind office workdays.
    In the evening the program included a barbecue, amazing sunset over the Sukhodol lake, a lot of music and dances.

    - We all talked a lot, played, discovered the creative sides of their names. It was possible to get to know each other more closely, to re-learn those with whom you work side by side. The boundaries between the units were erased, and we became truly one team. I can say with full confidence that with these guys it is possible in reconnaissance and conquest of mountain peaks! - says Ksenia Shcherban, HR manager of SPBEC.
    The morning of the second day was incredibly kind and sunny. Delicious breakfast, swim in the pool, and someone from the staff decided and opened the swimming season in the lake. And we also went boating, visited a real contact zoo, rode bicycles. I wanted to catch everything! On Sunday, continued joint activities, which once again proved what talented and versatile employees in the company. Everyone came up with the decor of the brand-name T-shirt, which they then gave to each other; made a million joint happy photos and on a positive note went to the opposite way.

    Employees note that the trip was amazing and inspiring. There was everything that the soul wants: from romantic sunsets to sports. Beautiful nature, sports, a good company of like-minded people, the sun, water - this is the recipe for a great rest from SPBEC. The guys thank the company's management for the opportunity to have a great weekend, filled with positive communication and sporting spirit!

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