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    Published: 06 Feb 2018

    SPBEС regularly helps to strengthen the health of its employees by organizing annual trips to health resorts and dispensaries. A new place for recreation of SPBEС became the world famous Naftalan resort in Azerbaijan. The resort has gained popularity thanks to the unique, unparalleled medical naphthalan oil produced in this area.

    The history of the Naftalan Spa dates back to 1873, when naphthalan was mined by hand from shallow wells. "The dense blood of the earth" is what the naphthalan locals call. More than 100 years have passed since the beginning of the study of medicinal properties and the use of naftalan. Its effectiveness in various diseases confirmed the results of extensive scientific works and dissertations. Since 1926, a specialized resort Naftalan in the zone of the deposit began to function in Azerbaijan, where patients from all parts of the Union were treated. Now, with the help of therapeutic naphthalan baths, Naftalan provides treatment for more than 70 diseases, including diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, skin, vessels, and female and male diseases in accordance with the improved methods, in conditions of overcoming health. Already several employees appreciated the hospitality of the resort and the miraculous nature of its medicinal naftalan baths. "Naftalan baths are excellent in the disease of the musculoskeletal system," says the supply manager, Natalia Gornyak. - I felt better. The trip is so intensive for health promotion: procedures, electrophoresis, massage, various wraps with naphthalan ointments, Finnish sauna, salt room, Turkish bath, weight simulators, swimming pool. Around - incredible beauty, a huge green area! Many thanks to the company for such a useful and wonderful holiday. "

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