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    Published: 02 Apr 2018

    March 24 in the hotel "Angleterre" was a traditional cinema meeting SPBEС. For employees, their families, guests of honor and partners of the company, a closed film screening of one of the best Russian films of recent years - Salyut-7 was held. After watching everyone was waiting for a creative meeting with the producer Sergei Selyanova.

    On behalf of the company's management, the audience was greeted by the General Director of SPBEС Alexander Naroditsky. He noted that the film crews of SPBEС have become a good tradition and for them the company specially selects the iconic Russian paintings of recent years.
    The painting "Salute-7" tells about one of the most heroic pages in the history of space exploration. Specially for this project, unique shooting technologies were developed: 20 minutes of open space, 40 minutes of filming in zero gravity. There is no such duration in any Hollywood movie. The painting received two awards "Golden Eagle" - "Best Film of the Year" and "Best Installation". The day before it became known that "Salyut-7" was nominated for the "Nika" award as "Best Feature Film" and "Best Cinematography". This is truly impressive filmmaking.
    Immediately after watching the participants of the kinovrechchi had the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the creators of "Salyut-7", the producer of the film Sergei Selyanov and ask all the questions of interest. Sergei Mikhailovich is one of the most successful Russian producers, a famous screenwriter and director. He is a laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of cinema, a member of the board of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, a producer of more than 60 feature films and documentaries, noted at Russian and international film festivals. Thanks to him, many films have appeared that are significant for the national cinema of recent years: Skif, Arrhythmia, Brother, Brother 2, War, Cuckoo, Coco, Sisters, Mongol , "Shultes", "Stone head", "Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the Serpent", "Dobrynya Nikitich and Serpent Gorynych" and other cartoon works about the three warriors, and many other projects.
    Sergei Mikhailovich talked about how the painting "Salyut-7" was created, work on which lasted more than four years. He explained that the film is based on the real history of Russian cosmonauts, but this is its artistic reflection. Therefore, there is no need to look for documentary accuracy in it. This is what distinguishes the feature film from the documentary. Of course, during the production of the painting they turned to specialists of Roskosmos, so that the plot of the film looked the most reliable.
    In addition, the producer was happy to share the secrets of filmmaking in Russia, the stories from his life, told about future projects.

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