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    Published: 29 Jan 2018

    On January 27, a creative evening of the director, Honored Artist of Russia Nikolay Dostal was held for employees, their families, guests of honor and partners of SPBEK. Nikolai Nikolayevich specially came from Moscow to personally present his film "The Monk and the Demon" in a closed film show of SPBEС at the Angleterre Hotel.

    "Monk and demon" is a fantastic tragicomedy, a mystical parable in the spirit of the works of Pushkin, Gogol, Leskov. On the opposition of good and evil, the power of the spirit, temptation and redemption. The painting of Nikolai Dostal was not chosen by chance. It is rightfully considered one of the best works of Russian cinema in recent years. The film "The Monk and the Demon" was presented in several nominations of the Nika Film Prize in 2017, including "Best Director" and "Best Film", and won four film awards: "Best Male Role" (Timofei Tribuntsev), "Best male role of the second plan "(Boris Kamorzin)," Best Sound "," Best Screenplay "(Yuri Arabov). For the script "Monk and the devil" Yuri Abramov in the same year also received the "Golden Eagle", and Nikolai Dostal - the prize for the best direction at the XXV Film Festival "Vivat Cinema of Russia!" In St. Petersburg. And this is not the whole list of awards that the film was awarded. To see this wonderful picture the whole cinema hall of the Angleterre hotel was assembled. Employees with families, partners and guests of the company. Nikolai Nikolaevich admitted that he was very pleased with such attention to his painting, in which many forces were invested. After watching the audience had the opportunity to talk with the director. He willingly and very openly answered all the questions of the hall, so the meeting turned out to be sincere and friendly. Particularly attentive spectators even noticed that Nikolai Dostal starred in a small episode of the film, which was incredibly touched by the director. Nikolay Nikolaevich told the details of the shooting of the film, the selection of the cast of the film, the nuances of writing the script, the choice of nature for the film. For example, the first half of the film was filmed in the Ferapontov and Kirillo-Beloozersky monasteries in the Vologda region. The second part - in Jordan, where prices were removed from the dead sea and the mysterious ancient city of Peter, carved into the rocks of pink sandstone. Part of the shooting took place in the Crimea. Nikolai shared his plans for the future with his plans to make a film about the holy righteous Fedor Tomsky, an old man who lived in Siberia in the XIX century. According to legend, Fyodor Kuzmich is the Russian emperor Alexander I, who staged his death and became a wanderer. The director admitted that he was interested in the history and personality of the old man, still fanned by mystery and not without reason considered one of the most mysterious Russian shrines of the last centuries. At the end of the meeting, Nikolay Nikolaevich thanked the audience and the company's management for the warm welcome and interesting conversation.

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