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    Published: 11 May 2018

    On May 8, SPBEС employees joined the events of the Pushkin district in honor of the celebration of the Victory Day. In the morning, representatives of the company laid flowers to the memorial to 76 and 77 fighter battalions in the Alexander Park.

    It is the stele of memory of defenders of the city of Pushkin in the Patriotic War with the Nazis. From September 13 to 17, 1941, the first fight with the Nazi invaders was taken by the fighters of 76 and 77 fighter battalions. They were formed from the number of employees of enterprises and institutions of the city, university teachers, students and high school students. Only at the head of the battalions there were cadre commanders. September 14, 1941, almost all the guys fell in the Alexander Park by the death of the brave or were seriously injured. The memory of them still lives today in the hearts of Pushkin's inhabitants.

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